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Discover why Leap is trusted by the majority of the top 100 roofing contractors nationwide.

An Increase of
100% in Closed Deals

Kingdom Roofing Systems was managing their sales process manually with carbon copy paper contracts. This made it very difficult to control the process or make margins predictable.

Kingdom Roofing Systems saw an increase of 500% Growth in Just 3 Years. Sales reps are spending 50% less time at the home. As a result, their commission checks are bigger and their day-to-day is smoother.


Drive Revenue
and Save Time

Handwritten paper documents were one of NEWPRO’s biggest growing pains as they led to a domino effect of additional inefficiencies such as mistakes and errors on documents.

With Leap, NEWPRO was able to minimize sales rep’s time spent on the road, reduce mistakes, improve customer experience and grow revenue year after year. NEWPRO grew from 22 million to 98 million in just five years.

Bridge the

A young company with little to no systems in place or management processes to house information, data, and centralize communication between clerical employees and outside field reps.

In four and half short years, C3 American Exteriors is now on the Inc. 5000 and producing just under $15 million in revenue. Leap has helped CR3 franchise and duplicate their new system and processes in different states around the nation.


Say Goodbye to the Painful Process

Hear from one of our customers on how to ditch the repetitive steps and start saving time and money with workflow automation from Leap. You can’t make a mistake with Leap.

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Find Answer To Common Questions about Leap Team

Q1. Who is Leap Team for?

Leap Team is perfect for professional remodeling teams looking to get more efficient and grow their business.

Q2. What if I don't have enough users, can I still get Leap Team?

Leap Team comes with three user seats so even if you only have one or two users, you can still use Leap Team and have plenty of room to grow. Additional users can be added for an extra $99/month.  

Q3. Can I use any integration partners with Leap Team?

Yes, Leap Team comes with deep integrations with some of the top companies in the industry. You can connect your tech stack to Leap Team at no extra cost.

Q4. What devices can I use with Leap Team?

Leap Team is available on desktop as well as Android and iOS devices at no extra charge. 

Q5. What does Leap Team onboarding inblude?

Leap Team comes with custom onboarding sessions with your onboarding specialist. Our team will make sure you are set up for success and understand how to make the most of your subscription.